Singularity Index™

The first and only innovation benchmark

The first and only equity index that captures value creation from exponential innovation across sectors, market caps, and industries in- and outside tech: The Singularity Index™ applies a methodology in line with companies' true exposure to innovative technology. The long-only global equity index comprises 300 equities representing companies that already apply technologies in key focus areas within one or more of our Singularity Sectors in cooperation with the Singularity Think Tank.

We've been tracking our Singularity Strategy via the Singularity Index™ since 2017. The index has been launched in cooperation with Nasdaq [Bloomberg Ticker: NQ2045]. The Singularity Group exclusively owns all rights. The only way to invest in it is via The Singularity Fund™.

This is how the Singularity Index™ is built

Global Equity All-Cap Universe

  • Liquidity Restriction: 3 month ADTV > $1mn

  • Market Cap Restriction: Free Float Market Cap minimum $100mn

  • Total revenue exposure to Singularity Sectors > 0

  • May not be issued by an issuer currently in bankruptcy proceedings

  • May not have entered into a definitive agreement or other arrangement which would likely result in the security no longer being Index eligible

  • One security per issuer is permitted

Singularity Universe

  • Singularity % > 10% to get in; < 5% to drop out

  • Singularity % x market cap in $ defines ranking

Singularity Index

  • Singularity % x market cap defines weight

  • Max 20% per Singularity Sektor

  • Max 4% per company

  • 300 stocks

The index was launched in partnership with FactSet and Nasdaq. The Singularity Group has exclusive rights to the Index.

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